Reviews of Books

More Justice, Less Crime

Serious decarceration will not be achieved without reducing punishment for violent crime.

The Left's Dirty Little Secret LOCK-ICON

The progressive history of eugenics.

War Without End

Does the U.S. need a grand strategy?


Modern conservatives live like Tocquevillians, but speak like Randians.

Power to the People LOCK-ICON

Today's primary source of voter movement is the response to stagnant or deteriorating economic conditions.

Why We Won't Agree LOCK-ICON

Breaking down party politics. 

Mission Impossible LOCK-ICON

The failures of French politics.

Lawless Rules LOCK-ICON

Unpacking the administrative state’s nearly limitless discretion.

Civility and Its Limits LOCK-ICON

We're all on the same team.

Rage of the Snowflakes LOCK-ICON

Our higher education system is in crisis.

Dare to be Wise? LOCK-ICON

Sophistry is the key to understanding and reclaiming philosophy.

Extraordinary Actuality LOCK-ICON

Ernest Hemingway's life and letters.

The Living City LOCK-ICON

Jane Jacobs’s pervasive influence.