Reviews of Books

French Resistance

Terrorism is the specter haunting Europe.

Lessons of Algeria LOCK-ICON

France's new normal. 

The Return of the Caliph LOCK-ICON

Arab nationalism is a relic of a rapidly vanishing world. 

Song of Myself

We're still feeling the aftershocks of the existentialist earthquake  

The True Miracle LOCK-ICON

Understanding Leo Strauss as he understood himself. 

Making Christianity Safe for Democracy LOCK-ICON

The tendency to subordinate religion to democracy may not prove irresistible.

One Nation, Under God? LOCK-ICON

Religion is morphing into a gauzy spirituality.

Here the People Rule LOCK-ICON

Understanding the moral and intellectual foundations of democracy. 

The Face of Tyranny LOCK-ICON

Is democracy is bound to defeat tyranny because it’s simply a better idea?

Asia Whole and Free?

Asia still lags behind the breathless commentary about it. 

Losing Ground LOCK-ICON

The tragedy of Indian country. 

The Difference Reagan Made

Reagan changed history, rather than simply waiting for circumstances to change him.

What Hath Greenspan Wrought LOCK-ICON

Alan Greenspan demystified. 

Good as Gold LOCK-ICON

Who will rebuild our infrastructure?

You Didn't Build That LOCK-ICON

Government is not the cause of American prosperity. 

Horse and Rabbit Stew LOCK-ICON

A mixed economy is not without its virtues. 

When the Going Was Good

Deconstructing the economics of the post-war boom. 


Everything worth knowing in sixteen volumes.