Laughing with Don Quixote

A review of Lectures on Don Quixote, by Vladimir Nabokov

Recollecting Eric Voegelin

A review of The Voegelinian Revolution, by Ellis Sandoz

Totalitarian Foreign Policy

A review of How Democracies Perish, by Jean-Francois Revel

Subsidizing Artists

A review of The Democratic Muse: Visual Arts and the Public Interest, by Edward C. Banfield

Human Rights

A review of Human Rights in Our Time: Essays in Memory of Victor Baras, edited by Marc F. Plattner

Republican Futures

A review of Window of Opportunity: A Blueprint for the Future, by Newt Gingrich, and The American Idea: Ending Limits to Growth, by Jack Kemp

Strictly Liberal Construction

A review of The Supreme Court and Constitutional Democracy, by John Agresto

Locke on Morality and Liberty

A review of Locke's Education for Liberty, by Nathan Tarcov