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Richard A. Epstein

Richard A. Epstein is the Laurence A. Tisch Professor of Law at the New York University School of Law, the Peter and Kirsten Bedford Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, and a senior lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School.

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Lawless Rules
By: Richard A. Epstein
Posted: July 31, 2017
This article appeared in: Volume XVII, Number 3, Summer 2017

Unpacking the administrative state’s nearly limitless discretion.

A CRB discussion of Classical Liberalism and the Constitution
By: Richard A. Epstein, Bradley C.S. Watson
Posted: January 12, 2015
In the Fall 2014 CRB, Bradley C.S. Watson reviewed The Classical Liberal Constitution: The Uncertain Quest for Limited Government, by Richard A. Epstein. They have agreed to discuss questions raised in the book and review here. Richard Epstein is the Laurence A. Tisch Professor of Law at New Yo...
A New Birth of Economic Freedom
By: Richard A. Epstein
Posted: October 21, 2011
This article appeared in: Vol. XI, Number 4 - Fall 2011

A review of Rehabilitating Lochner: Defending Individual Rights against Progressive Reform, by David E. Bernstein