Gaza and Ferguson

By Peter Wood

The "intersectionality" between Middle East Studies and Black Lives Matter.

Free Speech v. Free Speech

By Rachelle Peterson

2016 was the year of the crybullies.

The Sound of Silencing

By Sophie Mann

When language becomes all that matters, actions and intentions become irrelevant.

Small-beer Courage

By Michael M. Uhlmann

The purpose of the university is not to make students comfortable, but to teach them the art of disciplined learning.

Symbols Matter

By John J. Pitney, Jr.

Symbols, like the black shirts traditionally worn by fascist organizations and now being donned by the CMC campus protesters, matter. If the protesters are really serious about healing our community, they should avoid symbols that say the opposite.

Two Intellectual Loves Lost

By Bradley C.S. Watson

Diversity is what has made CMC a particularly rich target of opportunity for the forces now amassing on campuses nationwide. These forces dedicate themselves to promoting an even greater degree of intellectual conformity than currently exists at institutions of higher learning—not to mention a dour apartheid of “safe spaces.”

There Are No Safe Spaces

By Ken Masugi

The current CMC Administration is hell-bent to turn a preeminent liberal arts college into a reeducation camp.

Year Zero

By Lucas E. Morel

Truth, not diversity, deserves ultimate respect.

The Reichstag is Still Burning

By Harry V. Jaffa

Harry V. Jaffa’s classic valedictory lecture on the failure of higher education and the decline of the west, delivered at Claremont McKenna College on April 14, 1989.

We Dissent: A Letter from the Editorial Board of the Claremont Independent to the Campus Community

Not everyone at Claremont McKenna College is afraid to dissent.

A collection of links to the best writing and commentary on this topic from around the web

The University of Chicago tells its incoming students not to expect safe spaces
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Some Students Request Segregated Dorms at Claremont Colleges
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The Stanford Review parodies list of demands
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Former Claremont Institute Publius Fellow (1980)
on the “Free Speech Movement” and the Bill of Rights
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“Emory: Faculty Thoughtcrime Tribunals,” by Rod Dreher (The American Conservative)
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“Viewpoint Diversity?” by Peter Lawler (Postmodern Conservative)
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Hamilton College Students Demand Free-Speech Ban and Want White Faculty Out of Leadership
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Congratulations, Student Protestors, You Just Got Used, by Robert Tracinski (The Federalist)
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No, Columbia’s Core Curriculum is Not Traumatizing, by Dennis Prager (NRO)
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CRB editor and Claremont McKenna Professor Charles Kesler discusses the campus madness with former Secretary of Education William J. Bennett on his radio show.
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Ashland University’s student government passes resolution in support of free speech

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The Illiberal Demands of the Amherst Uprising,
by Conor Friedersdorf (The Atlantic)
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When the College Madness Came to My Campus,
by Charles R. Kesler (Wall Street Journal)
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Radical Parents, Despotic Children,
by Bret Stephens (Wall Street Journal)
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Scripps Students Demand Required Anti-Oppression Training,
by Steven Glick (Claremont Independent)
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Progressivism Comes Home to Roost,
by Chuck DeVore (The Federalist)
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