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Larry P. Arnn

Larry P. Arnn is the President of Hillsdale College, a former Claremont Institute president, and the vice chairman of the Claremont Institute's Board of Directors.

Articles found on this site:
Guide to Greatness
By: Andrew Roberts
Posted: February 25, 2016
This article appeared in: Volume XVI, Number 1, Winter 2015/16

Andrew Roberts reviews Larry Arnn's book on Winston Churchill's three great trials. 

The Philadelphia Story
By: Matthew Continetti
Posted: September 17, 2012
This article appeared in: Vol. XII, Number 3 - Summer 2012

A review of The Founders' Key: The Divine and Natural Connection Between the Declaration and the Constitution and What We Risk by Losing It, by Larry P. Arnn

Thoughts and Adventures
By: Larry P. Arnn
Posted: May 5, 2008
This article appeared in: Vol. VIII , Number 2 - Spring 2008

Celebrating the eight-volume Winston S. Churchill, a biography worthy of a great man.